• About Renata Souza

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    Born and raised in Favela da Maré, Renata Souza is a black woman, a feminist, and a Human rights advocate.

    She was elected as a state councilor in 2018 with a record number of 63,937 votes, which made her the most voted politician amongst Rio de Janeiro's left-wing parties.

    She worked with Marielle Franco for 12 years and played the role of her chief of staff.

    She was the firth black woman President of the Human Rights Comission in Rio de Janeiro's State Council. Marielle's daughter works in her team.

    Renata is the first person in her family, from both her mother's and father's side, to have graduated from university.

    She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and a Ph.D in Communication and Culture. Her doctoral thesis focused on the impact of militarisation in the everyday lives of favela youths.

    She is currently conducting a post- doctoral research project which analyses the participation of black women in politics. She has coined the expression and is developing a concept that revolves around "political feminicides" and that refers to Marielle Franco's brutal execution.