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Brazil: 'Slavery Simulator' Game Sparks Outrage, Google Responds

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Brazil: 'Slavery Simulator' Game Sparks Outrage, Google Responds

The Google App Store was forced to remove a certain game after it sparked massive outrage in Brazil. That game was titled "Slavery Simulator" or "Simulador de Escravidao" in Portuguese.

According to the BBC. the app was launched by Magnus Games earlier this year, on April 20. It allowed players to "buy and sell" black characters and had over 1,000 downloads before Google finally decided to pull the game.

The game's description boasted that players could "exchange, buy and sell slaves" and even "inflict various forms of torture on black characters." It also boasted that "Slavery Simulator" allows the "use slaves for your own enrichment. Prevent the abolition of slavery and accumulate wealth."

However, players can also go down the abolition route and abolish slavery altogether. However, it is the "tyrant" route where slaveowners accumulate, trade, and torture slaves that is what was really raising eyebrows.

'Slavery Simulator' Removal Asked By Brazil Prosecutors

It was not just any group that asked the controversial "Slavery Simulator" game to be taken down, as it was the Public Prosecutor's Office of Brazil that did. The request came as it launched an investigation as to why the game became available on the Google Play Store in the first place.

Brazilian prosecutors already requested "specific information about the game" from Google. They also revealed that the game's page also had a "great number of racist comments."

One of these comments, which often come as reviews of the game, included this: "Great game to pass the time. But I think it lacked more torture options."

Google then released a statement to CNN regarding the release of the controversial game on its platform, saying, "We have a robust set of policies that are designed to keep users safe and that all developers must follow. We don't allow apps that promote violence or incite hatred against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, or that depict or promote gratuitous violence or other dangerous activities."

Google then added that anybody who believes the app violates those rules can file a report against it, Should the company find any violations, it would take appropriate action, However, the game was rated for "All Ages" by Google in its App Store.

Outrage in Brazil Thanks To 'Slavery Simulator'

"Slavery Simulator" has expectedly sparked outrage in Brazilian, a country with a dark history of slavery, only having abolished the practice in the late 19th century, after the United States.

According to The Guardian, Renata Souza, a black activist and politician based in Rio de Janeiro, called the game "Blatant racism" and added that Google and the game's developer must answer for the crime.

Much like other countries in the Americas, racism is still also a problem in Brazil, with discrimination based on the color of your skin still being rampant. Brazil even has its own Ministry for Racial Equality that has already looked into the game and contacted its developer, as well as Google. It says it is now working with both companies to curb racism online.

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