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A program to promote the role of women in science can be set up at RJ

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A program to promote the role of women in science can be set up at RJ 

With the aim of enhancing the appreciation of women scientists, combating gender inequality and encouraging girls in training to invest in a scientific career, Bill 4525/21 proposes the creation of a state incentive program for the role of women in science.

The initiative was originally written by Rep. Tia Jo (REP), and approved by the Rio de Janeiro State Legislature (ALERG), in a second debate, this Thursday (4/07). The text goes to Governor Claudio Castro, who has up to 15 working days to approve or object to it.

“The world of science is predominantly male. However, many women have already gone down in history for their great achievements and scientific discoveries, and become pioneers in their fields. Today they are an inspiration to other women to believe in their potential and reach the top of their careers in the fields of science,” Tia Guo said. .

Among the objectives of the program are the organization of public campaigns to highlight the Brazilian women scientists; Hold debates and symposia in scientific and academic institutions on structural gender and masculinity stereotypes in the context of the scientific environment; Advocating for expansion of granting access to research for women, while maintaining payment during six months of maternity leave; Among other things.

The following parliamentarians are also project co-authors: Samuel Malavía (PL), Waldick Carneiro (PSB), Flávio Serafini (PSol), Renata Souza (PSol), Dionísio Lins (PP), Célia Jordão (PL), and Eliomar Coelho (PSB), Nurse Rejane (PCdoB), Bebeto (PSD), Mônica Francisco (PSol) and Sub-Lieutenant Bernardo (PTB).

The information is from the Larg.

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